This flame is dedicated to the spirit of Te Puoho Katene who created the image for the restoration of the marae at Takapuwahia.  It represents the eternal flame of the spirit that burns in the iwi, Ngati Toa.  It is a symbol of restoration, of reclaimation and of eternal creation. I use it here to honor his inspired creativity and my intention is that it be a continuing inspiration for the ever expanding whanau of Te Oti (George) and Te Aroha Maraea (Rose) Poaneki Katene. As we travel throughout the world and we each establish our own marae I want us to carry its energy, the energy of Uncle Puoho who was committed to restoring the presence of the maori people and Ngati Toa to their rightful place within the global community. 

Uncle Puoho exemplified the complex and transitional cultural times into which the George & Rose Katene family lived.  He was a creative and spiritual leader for his tribe, Ngati Toa, and a patriarch for the church that he and his brothers & sisters helped establish in Aotearoa in the beginning of the 20th century.  Just as this flame lights the corners of the world his creative consciousness encompassed a full range of western civilization and tribal learning.  He gave me my first book of poetry, a book by T.S Eliot, one of the early warrior-prophets of the 21st century.  He also gave me a maori kete, woven in green and light yellow.  This flame that he eternally shares with me, and with all of you throughout the world, he reclaimed from the shattered history of his family and his people.  It is here to light the way back to where we came from and to light the way forward to where we must go.     

Tena Koutou ka toa !